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New and Refurbished Vaporizer Available as stand along units.


  • Calibrated specifically for Isoflurane anesthetic
  • Calibrated using a refractometer
  • Temperature, flow & duration of use compensation
  • Safety lock to help prevent accidental turn-on of dial
  • 2 year warranty

Normal Working Range:

  • Fresh gas flow - 200cc to 15 liters/min
  • Ambient temperature - 18°C to 35°C

Resistance to Gas Flow:

  • 5cm wg. at "OFF" setting at 5 liter/min oxygen
  • 21-29cm wg. when delivering vapor in 5 liter/min oxygen at 21°C

Liquid Capacity:

  • Amount of anesthetic drug to fully charge the vaporizer - 125ml
  • Amount retained by the wick system - 35ml

Tec-3 Anesthesia Vaporizer Isoflurane

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