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The Patient Recorded Outcome diary (PRO-Diary) is an exciting new product. It has been designed specifically for use in clinical applications. It also provides a straight forward solution to the gathering of verifiable clinical trial data. The Pro-Diary (Patient Recorded Outcome diary) is a compact wrist worn electronic diary. It can record answers to questionnaires asked at predefined times, or when the user chooses. These can be used to monitor compliance, the results of treatment, or even to remind the wearer when to take drugs and confirm that they have done so. It can also play back audio prompts for each question (standard WAV files) to help visually impaired users answer correctly. Sleep quality questionnaires, Pain and pain reduction, Stress, Depression, Epidemiology, Clinical trials The diary user interface consists of a touch sensitive slider device and two other buttons. It is designed to be easy to operate, and can ask questions of six different types: Multiple choice (up to 8 options, though fewer is simpler for the user) Visual analogue (choose a point between the left and right ends of a scale) Enter a time (for instance, what time did you wake up?) Enter a number (for instance, rate your pain on a scale of 1-10) Simple prompts with no answer (for example, as a reminder to take medications) List (for instance, choose your current activity from the list of 20 below).


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PRO-Diary Setup / Control / Analysis Software