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Extracts Medical grade oxygen (USP93%) from the air and delivers on demand up to 5 LPM,
Uses the industry standard DISS male thread connections,
Safety back-up oxygen supply using standard E tank,

Fully integrated Push Button O2 flush with industry standard 30 LPM maximum flow,
FDA approved, UL tested
Oxygen purity and flow safety alarms
Quiet 40-dBA operation
Made in the USA, using state-of-the-art manufacturing with ISO quality

TUV SUV safety certifications
Sturdy A-frame base with compact 18” square footprint


Footprint: 18” x 18”
Shipping Box Dimensions: Concentrator 19” x 14” x 27” with Frame 36” x 23” x 27”
Shipping weights: Concentrator 38lbs, with Frame 55lbs

OC6000 Pureline

SKU: OC6000