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In our opinion, MicroRenathane® is the most blood compatible tubing ever made.  For implantation studies in experimental animals this tubing offers extended catheter life and reduces the probability of intravascular thrombosis.  After use in hemodialysis, Renathane showed less surface deposits of platelets, proteins, trapped red cells and other blood elements than other tubings. MicroRenathane® tubing does not contain any plasticizers. MicroRenathane® is sold only for experimental use in laboratory animals. A brief report with references, is included with each shipment of MicroRenathane® tubing. We will be pleased to send a copy upon request.


Available Sizes:

MRE-025.025" O.D. x .012" I.D.50ft. lengths
MRE-033.033" O.D. x .014" I.D. 50ft. lengths
MRE-040.040" O.D. x .025" I.D.