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The MM-100 Metabolic Monitor is a complete system for measuring oxygen consumption in the small animal. Using the latest technology in paramagnetic O2, infrared CO2, and thermal mass flowmeter analyzers, it automatically computes O2 consumption, CO2production, and respiratory exchange ratios (RER).

Simple set up and operation: The animal is placed in the provided chamber and allowed to equilibrate for 5 - 10 minutes. All gas and flow measurements, and computed results are shown on the front panel LCD display panel. A serial port connection sends the measurements to any attached computer. Using the included WindowsTM software, the readings for O2 consumption and CO2production, along with their moving time averages, are plotted. Data can be logged to simple ASCII files for further analysis. Standardization against room air is automatically performed at intervals, so the accuracy of the system is maintained for long intervals of monitoring.

Multiple chamber systems: Expansion to multiple animals is straightforward. Using the MMX-4 or MMX-16 (for four and sixteen animals, respectively) expansion units, gas sampling and measurement is automatically sequenced between the chambers. This results in an accurate, economical system for screening large numbers of animals for these important physiological parameters.

MM-COMM Monitoring Software: Each MM-100 system includes WindowsTM software for graphically displaying and logging the metabolic data. This software provides a Data Panel showing all the current raw and computed measurements. Data is logged in a simple ASCII format for directly importing it into a spreadsheet or other analysis program. Each record is tagged with the animal number and time of the measurement.

Complete package: The MM-100 comes complete with all necessary components for a single-chamber measurement. This includes the main MM-100 unit, small animal chamber, air pump, drying tubes, and required tubing. The only consumable item is the Drierite material for drying the gas sample.

Metabolic Monitor System