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  • Up to 8 hours of data recording time on a single video tape (VHS T-160).
  • Up to 8 PCM channels active at once. Total sampling rate is 88K samples per second (EIAJ standard), which may be allocated in seven different modes among the channels, even asymmetrically. You may have both faster and slower sampled channels at the same time. This feature gives you superior bandwidth utilization compared to other data recorders.
  • Utilizes high performance 12 bit digitizing, 72 dB dynamic range and signal to noise ratio. There are no compromises in the analog data path, and it exceeds the performance of typical 14 and 16 bit audio grade analog to digital converter systems. Gain and offset drift are typically less than +/- 1LSB (least significant bit).
  • Each channel has a four range selectable input gain. The gain matching across the channels is improved through the use of a programmable gain amplifier after the multiplexer.
  • A transparent trigger channel, first introduced by Neuro Data, which is separate from the data channels, is provided.
  • An independant voice recording channel which uses the VCR's audio track is also provided.
  • There is a direct digital output for computer interface.

DR-890 8-Channel Neuro-Corder Digitizing Unit

SKU: DR-890