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  • Up to 8 hours of data recording time on a single video tape (VHS T-160).
  • Can have 1, 2, or 4 data channels active at once. Total sampling rate is 88K samples per second (EIAJ standard), which is evenly divided among the active channels.
  • Digitizes at up to 14 bit resolution (1 or 2 channel mode) to provide 84 dB of usable dynamic range.
  • Features a 16K sample memory buffer which gives you the wave form storage capability of a digital storage oscilloscope or an Analog to Digital converter for a computer.
  • Each channel has a four range selectable input gain.
  • A transparent trigger channel, first introduced by Neuro Data, which is separate from the data channels, and a 3.5 digit trigger marker number with LED readout is provided.
  • An independant voice recording channel which uses the VCR's audio track is also provided.
  • There is a direct digital output for computer interface to either IBM® or Apple® computers. Application software is also available.

DR-484 4-Channel Neuro-Corder Digitizing Unit

SKU: DR-484
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