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The BAT-10 is the most versatile thermometer ever designed, with wide temperature ranges and extensive choice of probes.

The BAT-10 can be used in applications as diverse as cryogenic measurements for blood banking and cryosurgery, skin temperature measurements in exercise experiments, liquid measurements in spectrophotometer cuvettes, melting points of plastics and all types of animal and insect temperature measurements.

The BAT-10 accuracy is NIST traceable and in each temperature range the accuracy is the same as the resolution. Few digital thermometers will do this. In most instruments there is a difference of several tenths between specified accuracy and resolution. At physiological temperatures, where minute changes can be critical, the differential range allows readings to 0.01∞C with 0.01∞C accuracy.


Available Options:

BAT-10/LOP: Comes with linearized analog output

BAT-10R: Comes with Rechargeable Battery

BAT-10R/LOP: Comes with Rechargeable Battery & linearized analog output

BAT-10 Multipurpose Benchtop Thermometer