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Actiheart is a wearable combined single-lead ECG and activity recorder with multiple data endpoints providing a comprehensive personal monitoring device. The latest generation Actiheart benefits from 15 years of research, development and customer input. With many hundreds of published peer-reviewed papers, Actiheart is one of the most widely used devices for Energy Expenditure measurement in free living. With options for long-term or short-term recording, Actiheart can record full ECG waveform at up to 1024Hz with acceleration waveform at 100Hz. The Actiheart is worn on the chest and is typically attached between two standard self-adhesive ECG electrodes by means of quick release clips. Being self-contained, it is comfortable to wear for ambulatory monitoring for up to 8 days.


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Actiheart-5 ECG & Activity Monitor

SKU: 18-500
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