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UNO Micro Ventilatro 03


·         The UNO Micro Ventilator-3 is a mechanical ventilator uniquely designed for use with mice and rats for respiratoric support or totally controlled inhalation anaesthetic.

·         This revolutionary new concept of mechanical ventilation with an extreme small dead volume, has a proven performance, even with mice of  ≥ 15gr.Body weight   

·         The ventilation pattern of the UMV-03 is based on the natural, spontaneous respiratory pattern of rat and mouse, i.e. a SINUS-form without a plateau pressure.

·         The UMV-03 is a pressure-, volume- and frequency cycled ventilator which can very easily be integrated in a flowmeter/ vaporizer set-up.


Volume setting at the ventilator                                                                               0,1 – 24ml

Inspiratory to expiratory ratio                                                                                    1 : 1 (= sinus form)

Effective volume ( with counter pressure & endotracheal tube)                0,0ml – 12ml

Frequency (respiratory rate)                                                                                      15-220/min

Minimum and Maximum pressure setting

Pressure setting                                                                                                               ≥ 0mbar –up

External P.E.E.P.                                                                                                               Possible

Circle system with CO2 Absorber

Easily to be connected to a flowmeter/vaporizer unit

Distance between UMC and animal position                                                       up to 1 Meter^2



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